Mount Anville Secondary School

Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

  • Vision:

Empowering hearts and minds through Sacred Heart Education

  • Mission:

Inspired by the Sacred Heart values of truth and compassion, we strive to educate and develop young women of faith, action and resilience

  • Sacred Heart Education Goals:

Character, Intellect, Social Awareness, Faith and Community

Sacred Heart Education in Mount Anville seeks to educate the Whole Person

Through development of

  • spiritual values
  • independence of thought
  • emotional maturity
  • physical abilities
  • acceptance of the gifts and limitations of each individual
  • openness to other people
  • learning through a variety of experiences- aesthetic, cultural and technological.

As a logical consequence of the development of the whole person the student in Mount Anville should be:

A responsible Member of Society

  • making specific contributions to building the school community
  • understanding her rights and responsibilities as a citizen
  • developing critical consciousness of the issues facing contemporary society
  • learning to engage in effective action for systematic social change

Confident of Personal Worth

  • accepting herself as a unique person, capable of caring and of being loved by God and others
  • experiencing the respect, trust and loyalty of members of the school community
  • appreciating and sharing aesthetic and physical gifts and a deep rooted cultural heritage

Strong in the Faith of Christ

  • meeting the person of Christ through private prayer, liturgy and the Eucharist
  • forming a Christian conscience
  • making informed moral decisions based on the Church’s teaching

Third Year students began the first full week of the new term with a study skills workshop delivered by Inspire Education. Students received tips and insights on how best to study and to prepare for upcoming examinations.
Today, January 6th, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. On this special feast day we pray:
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