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COVID 19 Update

Our planning for the reopening of the school is dependent on government guidelines. To date we have received a DES circular ‘Planning for reopening schools in line with the Roadmap for reopening society and business’ (June 12th2020) and a HSE circular ‘COVID-19 interim recommendations for the reopening of schools and educational facilities’ (July 1st, 2020).We have centred ourplans around the following key principles from both circulars:

  • Phase 4 of the Roadmap for Reopening Society and Businesssets out that educational institutions can open on a phased basis at the beginning of the academic year 2020/21.
  • Minimising the risk of introduction of infection by excluding pupils, staff members and visitors who are ill, is critical.
  • International experience of reopening schools highlights the need for “good hand hygiene, extensive cleaning, and good respiratory practices”.
  • The need to observe social distancing “a minimum of 1metreand where possible, 2metres”.

See below for more detail on each of our planned scenarios.

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Physical Measures

Mount Anville has significantly invested in many resources and procedures to ensure the safe return of our community to the school. We have spent the pastweeks upgradingschool facilities to meet the recommended guidelines.The following measures have been taken as part of our Return to School strategy:

  • An inventory analysis of all equipment for teaching, learning, sports, music, art and more has been conducted in line with recent HSE guidelines
  • A "Risk Assessment" for the school grounds and facilities has been conducted to guide our strategic plans for return
  • Substantial modificationshave beenmade to existing facilities already, with new spaces designed to accommodate distancing and wheelchair/accessibility features improved. An extensive deep clean of the school has been carried outand many areas have been repainted
  • Portacabins are in the process of being installed besidethe Sports Hall toprovide a PE classroom and additional changing areas.
  • The IT Hub is currently being equipped with state of the art computers and software to facilitate the introduction of Design & Communication Graphics (DCG) to the Mount Anville curriculum.
  • Health & Safety policies are being updated to reflect best hygiene practices with regardto mitigating the risks of the virus. Additional locations for the installation of hand sanitisers and washing stations are being identified and equipped

Pedagogical Measures

In the event of a blended approach to tuitionon our return in late August, and to best cater for a fully remote and virtual return to school should it be necessary, Mount Anville has prepared a Digital Plan for Schooling. Though some aspects of this plan are to be finalised in the coming weeks, we can announce the following initial developments and updates:

  • Schoology, our primary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), has been upgraded to Schoology Enterprise to ensure a seamless experience for both students and staff. Though this VLE makes up just one part of our remote approach to teaching and learning, its upgrading carries with it many benefits, including:
    • Microsoft Teams, which allowsus to conduct “Live Classes”, is now integrated into the Schoology site. This mitigates the need for the downloading of the Teams software to different devices, allows for more efficient creation and advertising of live classes by staff, and greatly speeds up the process by which students can join a Teams meeting.
    • The administrative side of Schoology is greatly enhanced, allowing for the better tracking of the attendance of studentsin live classes, the simplification of thesubmission of assignments, the streamlining of the delivery of feedback, and the greater affording of options to staff to observe the level of interaction of students with posted course materials.
    • The login details and passwords used to access Schoology can now be administered by the school, troubleshooting low-level problems for students. These login details will be established to echo the login details for the student’s Microsoft 365 account to avoid confusion and to smooth the digital return to school.
  • A repository of training webinars has been devised by ourDigital Learning team. These webinars, available to students in August, will guide students through the steps needed to fully interact with all aspects of the Mount Anville Digital Plan for Schooling.
  • The JumpAGradesoftware is in the process of being expanded over the summer, and will be made available by Mount Anville for use by our Leaving Certificate students. These bespoke lessons will cater for students of English, Gaeilge, and Maths.

Extra-Curricular Measures

Here is our Annual Report. Please read to find out about all of our events and initiatives throughout the year.
5th Years enjoyed a superbly organised Sports day yesterday. Thanks to our PE Department for organising such a fun day for the girls.
1st & 2nd Years enjoyed a superbly organised Sports day today. Thanks to our PE Department for organising such a fun day for the girls.
Transition Years enjoyed repainting and redesigning of their lunch benches today! Well done girls.
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