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TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 4

TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 4
TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 4

Krakow Day 4
Wednesday 29/05/19

Today we got up at 7:30 because my group was the first going to Schindler’s Factory. The other groups got up at 8. We hopped on the bus at 9 and took a ten-minute bus ride through the town to Schindler’s factory. The other group got to leave at 9:30 though. The first group of 20 got to go in first while us 17 had to wait. When we got inside we met our tour guide. We learnt all about life during the Nazi occupation in Poland. The museum was very interactive with videos and artefacts and even stamps which some of us collected along the way. They even had a remake of what the Jewish ghetto looked like which was very dark, crowded and narrow. We learnt about Oscar Schindler and how he helped so many Jewish people by employing them in his factory and giving them a better quality of living conditions. After the tour, we went straight to the shopping mall Galeria Krakowska. A small group of us were allowed to go with Ms Walsh and Mr Mannion to the Chimney Cake Bakery where we got ice creams. We spent about five hours at the shopping centre. We went straight to the airport from there. Our flight was at 9:20 and we arrived back home in Dublin at about 11:30. We said our goodbyes to people for the summer. Overall we had an amazing time and we will always remember our TY trip to Krakow!

By Suzanne R

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