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TY Trip to Causey Farm 2019

TY Trip to Causey Farm 2019
TY Trip to Causey Farm 2019

Last Tuesday the 26th of August our year travelled to Causey Farm in Co. Meath. We arrived at the school at 7:45am where we waited for everyone to arrive before leaving the school at 8am. Our teachers collected our phones to allow us to spend time together without any distractions. Once we arrived in Causey Farm we were split into our five class groups where we took turns doing different activities. We saw animals like llamas, alpacas, cows, piglets and sheep. We took part in team building activities such as escape tunnels and a haunted house. Our next challenge was making pizza for lunch in pairs. After lunch we continued more team bonding challenges before heading to the bog. We all got “stuck in” and worked together to help each other. After we worked together again to use the few taps we had to hose each other off.

After our fun activities at Causey farm everyone was looking forward to dinner! We were fortunate enough to sit together as a year group and continue our chats about our Summers. We were given a choice of pasta bake or chicken curry for dinner and for dessert it was brownie and ice cream. After dinner we were informed that Causey farm hold an annual Halloween haunted house called “Farmaphobia” and we were to be the first group to experience it. Although we found it a bit scary it was quite enjoyable as some girls took on the roles of the ‘scary people’ in the haunted house wearing clown masks.

By 8pm everyone was packed up and ready to go to our hostel (Drewstown House). Once we got to the house, Ms. Gilmore divided us into our rooms for the night. Although we were given our rooms it was a shock to find that some other residents were already staying there (spiders). When the spiders were hoovered and the mouse holes were covered up, we all headed outside for a walk. Fortunately, it started to rain so our walk was cancelled and we had our final meal of toast and juice. After many attempts by members of staff we finally went to bed.

The following day we woke up nice and early at 7:30 to the sound of the teachers or Mr. Rogers music in some cases. After breakfast we headed out to our first activity. We took part in 5 activities; rock climbing, low ropes, team building, archery and kayaking. We ate lunch half way through our activities and then resumed the rest of them after. Once we had a final change into dry clothes and we then took a group photo and headed home for 2:30. Overall we had a great time and it was a fantastic start to TY. Thanks you to all the staff that organised and accompanied us on the trip!

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