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Ski Trip Diary Part 6 2018

Ski Trip Diary Part 6 2018
Ski Trip Diary Part 6 2018

Woken by a symphony of alarms at 3:30 a.m. in the cosy town of Pinzolo on the 29th of March, a day all of us wished would never arrive, however time plays funny tricks and days are unmissable. Packing the last few things into our suitcases and bringing home the extra baggage of memories, we left our room this time remembering the key. Down the stairs one last time, every suitcase clattering against the marble steps, waking up other guests in the hotel, but we’re Mount Anville 5th year we leave our mark make our noise, whether it’s tracks in the snow or an unbeatable karaoke rave.

Nancy a woman without flaw, arranged a packed brunch for all and as we reached the end of the stairs a delicious ham and cheese sambo waited for us, once again Nancy, a woman, a legend. On the buses we go, this time minus the excitement, nervousness of the unknown in which we first stepped onto it with. But now it was a voyage with a most definite ending - home bound. A final tearful wave to the MVP Nancy and we set off.

Music played in the background amplifying the sad, mourning and broken hearted mood. As we leave Pinzolo, this time not towards the slopes, we leave with some of the best memories. Did 6 days really go by already? It’s hard to say goodbye to the best instructors anyone could have asked for, pushing us out of our comfort zone and making us succeed and achieve every day!

Thanking God, we are all grateful to leave with all our limbs still attached and all in one piece. We all made it off the mountain by air, snow mobile, parallel skiing, snow plough or the inescapable epic fall. Some depart with killer glutes due to the high levels of snow ploughing, some with a million bruises from falling but all still with the resilience to get back up. I mean if you’re not crashing you’re not skiing hard enough. Some also leave with bruised and painful feet and toes because "ski boots are comfortable" said no one ever!

We leave with unforgettable memories such as skiing straight into trees, nets, other skiers creating total wipe-out zones by ploughing into groups of stationary skiers or face planting down the entirety of black slope. But as they say if you’re in total control you’re not going fast enough. Faster and faster until all your trust was placed in those two sticks of fibreglass under your feet as they led the way and occasionally having a mind of their own. Forgetting to slide off chair lifts is also a common blooper, or did we all just want to be lifted down by one of those hot chair lift operators? Who knows?

Evidence of a good time can be seen in those good old reliable salopettes with many now having rips in the crotches due to intense skiing and falls or that uncontrollable splits position where your skis try to flea out the side of your body, honestly I don’t blame them!

The beginners going from the dreaded ‘magic carpet’ to red slopes by day 3, I think they really excelled. For those who don’t know the ‘magic carpet’ it’s a long travellator at the end of the smaller slopes, imagine the escalators in Dundrum but 10 times slower. The travel time is longer than the ski down itself. The advanced group who could lead an elite squad into battle, as they face the black slopes, perfectly parallel and without flaw looking majestic and inhumane as they attempt to conquer near vertical slopes from day 1 concluded by perfecting their technique in all disciplines.

It’s been said that the brave don’t live forever but the cautious don’t live at all. Not one person on the trip did not live on the edge at some point. If you believe you can, you are already halfway there, adventure is what you make of it, adjust your attitude and ski longer, better, stronger, harder. Don't look at the destination just concentrate on one turn at a time and then reflect on the journey. Some of the best advice I've been given. We skied until the thrill of speed overcame the irrational fear of death.

As I think of all the most amazing memories I will keep so dearly in my heart. I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love with the small town of Pinzolo and all its people, a tear comes to my eye when I think of it all. It’s just unfair that it’s all over it was not enough time. Our year, a unit which is supportive and passionate towards each other. As I sit on this Ryanair plane forever wishing it would turn around I feel no one could complain. How are we supposed to go home to a place with no snow or no skis? Questions form in my mind like what do I wear? No salopettes? No ski boots? No mountains to snow plough down!

This trip could not have taken place without the mighty Mrs McCarthy and the squad of teachers who came with us and to them we owe the biggest Thank You!! If we all disappear again you know where we are- chasing slopes!!

Sophie D

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