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Ski Trip Diary Part 3 2018

Ski Trip Diary Part 3 2018
Ski Trip Diary Part 3 2018

Day 3, Group 3.

It was an early start for us skiers as our accommodating coordinator Nancy was kind enough to open the gondolas half an hour earlier for us. After breakfast, we made our way to the gondolas and were greeted by other Irish students. Leaving my routine of orchestra, school and study behind, I quickly adapted to the new routine of searching frantically for my-what I thought were lost-boots and skis. The morning began almost Baltic with my fingers becoming numb as I sat in the chair lift steadily approaching the summit. The views were pristine but became faint as we made our way across the slopes, practicing our parallel skiing with every turn. It was a morning of new experiences for group three, new slopes were conquered and new bruises formed. With only a few falls on the icy morning snow, the two hours flew by similarly to how we flew down all of the red runs.

We were now ready for our well-deserved lunch. Our gourmet meal included a not-so-Italian meal of giant chicken nuggets and chips, a cuisine close to our Irish hearts. As the sun beat down on the glistening slopes, we decided it was necessary to sunbathe in the now soft snow. After lunch we continued our adventures on the slopes of the Italian Alps. Our improvement was evident due to the decrease in slips, slides and skids. After being told we would adventure down a black slope the following day, we thought it was important we finished with a flawless ski from the summit back down to the bottom. Twice.

We sat through another great dinner anticipating the evening activity of ice skating. From slopes to ice, we again adapted quickly and thoroughly enjoyed an hour of skating. With Grace K elegantly gliding across the ice, most of us did not have an easy experience with the likes of Cliona spending more time on her bum and Lisa worrying about her ripped salopettes. With an action packed day, we were glad to be returning to our beds and getting ready for an exciting day ahead.

As typical Mount Anville girls, we found it difficult to let go of our hockey sticks and skorts and to replace them with poles and heavy salopettes. However in all our Mounty spirits high as always.

Day 3, Group 4.

We began our journey of the day with an early awakening. We made our way up to the slopes and excitedly geared up, getting ready to go again. Some brave souls embarked on a journey to the faraway lands of Madonna di Campiglio, where they befriended a friendly Spanish St. Bernard named Rufus. They explored the new pistes with eagerness and an appetite for that fun. Soon they were overcome by an appetite in the truer sense of the word, and basked in the spring sun as they feasted on pasta to restock their energy stores. Others tumbled while skiing on red and black slopes and some returned to the magic carpet for some extra practice. The third day brought with it improvement, opportunities and still a sense of challenge. That evening we exchanged our boots for blades and ditched the poles as we hit the ice. We showcased our exemplary skating skills but certainly did not pass up the opportunity to fraternise amongst the fellow Irish and Italians.

All in all, day three proved to be yet another successful day at the office and day four looms with yet more challenges and achievements.

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