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TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 2 Part 2

TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 2 Part 2
TY Trip to Krakow 2019 Day 2 Part 2

Monday morning was our first full day in Krakow. We slumped down to breakfast after a busy Sunday walking around the city. The weather was beautiful and the strong smell of sun-cream marked us out as an Irish tour group. The first place we visited was Auschwitz-Birkenau. We walked through the death camp and even stood in the gas chambers. The tour was extremely moving and we were grateful to have been able to visit as a school group. We grabbed lunch on the go after our tour and continued on to the salt mines. We climbed down almost 800 steps to get to the first level of the mine. The cramped staircases opened out into a wide open cavern with a large chandelier decorated with salt crystals. The tour brought us all the way down to the third level of the mine, which was only one-third of the way down. Parts of the mine were still in operation but we toured many large caverns, some of which were used to host events and even weddings. I can safely say it was a relief to reach the surface after a minute in an elevator going 4 meters per second. We hopped back on the bus to return to the hotel for dinner. After a quick turnaround, we were back on the bus for the last activity of the day, a waterpark. The slides went in and out of the building, the climbing wall was bravely taken on by many and conquered by few. We returned to the hotel ready for bed and excited for the next fun-filled day.

Grace B, Barat 4

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